It becomes increasingly difficult for a company to remain competitive and profitable. Therefore many companies change their operating methods to incorporate some form of lean manufacturing, TQM,Kanban, JIT, work cells, six sigma, etc.

Some succeed and many fail. Those who succeed possess the ability to manage the two most important factors that spell success- time and quality. .

The science necessary to manage time which is time and motion study has been around since about the year 1900. Statistical quality control began in 1925. Both were popular and considered essential until about 25 years ago. Then they all but disappeared because they failed to keep up with the times. They were though to be serving no worthwhile purpose and considered just techniques that generated a lot of useless numbers. The baby got thrown out with the bath water. .

Integrating these two old tried and true techniques in combination with the latest software programs makes them relevant again. They can serve as the necessary basis of any of the many lean programs or can stand alone to optimize any manufacturing operation. We have the expertise in time and motion studies and statistical quality control with software to effectively reduce your labor and material cost wherever it is needed . One operation, one part or one department. .

CNC machines have revolutionized manufacturing but they require CAD programming. With the use of the latest CAD software this may not be a problem. But a good CNC programmer may be difficult to find. CNC programmers become ill or go on vacations or quit or have to be hired full time to program part time. .

We offer an CNC programming service online where we can fill in immediately to cover you whenever the need arises. This can be a fast and low cost solution to your CNC programming problem. .

We are committed to providing our expertise and experience to reducing your cost. .

Our services include:

CAD/CAM CNC Programming
Time and Motion Studies
Statistical Process Control