Statistical Process Control

It is impossible to inspect quality into a product. It has to be built right the first time. Statistical Process Control is an important tool for achieving this objective.Statistical process control is a simple charting procedure to monitor and control key characteristics at a production process.Monitoring a production process while it is operating is the best way to prevent bad products from ever being made.

Control Charts can:

* Improve productivity by reducing scrap and rework.

* Prevent defects by helping keep the process in control consistent with "Do it right the first time philosophy"

* Prevent unnecessary adjustment(overcontrol). Operators will often overreact to variation and make unneeded adjustments.

* Provide important information to an experienced operator allowing a change in the process that improves performance.

* Provide information about the process capability of machine and equipment.One way to prevent quality problems is to ensure the parts are routed to and run on capable equipment.

We can design control charts for both variable (tolerances) and defective (good-bad) characteristics.